Being Slow

Write a post…write a post..write a post…I stare at the screen of my laptop. On my left side I have some sort of lunch. On my right there is a cot with little Łusia who can wake up at any moment. The idea is simple – I want to write a blog/a vlog in order to keep my sanity as a new mum. No, not really. I am actually quite sane. There is another reason. I would like to make sure I keep my Alexander Technique thinking going on when I attend this big learning curve which is motherhood. Plus I want people to know about Alexander Technique. To know more. At least to the point when not everyone makes a confused face when I explain what I do in my professional life…or say with a vague expression in their eyes:’Is it something about posture?’ yes it is. No, it isn’t. It’s difficult to say. Anyway. I am sitting here, my lunch gets cold. Łusia is still asleep (thank you, thank you, thank you!) I have a few promises to keep, so I will write them now, so anyone can catch me red-handed.
1. No fake masks, no ‘plastic behavior’ – I am who I am, I want to be as authentic, as it’s possible now, and in the future.
2. I am not selling – I am sharing what I know about the AT, so that people can learn more about it.
3. As I write, I want to think about one simple thought that will be AT related, and that will help me to find more ease in my body and peace in my heart…and perhaps help me to find a title for this blog!
Hold on, what shall I think then…I think about sitting, releasing my bottom into the chair (gosh, that sounds weird, but I don’t know how it describe it with different words..) It helps. I am taller, softer, even a bit happier.
4. I write about my life as it is happening now – practical, practical, practical!
My laptop is slow today which allows me to eat my lunch in between.
Slow is good.
I will practice slow today.
Thank you AT.
Thank you Łusia for being still asleep:)