What happens in an
Alexander Technique lesson?

Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

How long?

One lesson lasts around 40 mins.

How often?

The amount of lessons depends on the individual needs of a pupil. However, pupils would often start with weekly lessons for around 10-15 weeks. Afterwards you can book "reminder sessions".

What happens in the lesson?
During a lesson the teacher will guide you through different movement activities, such as: sitting, standing, speaking, breathing, playing an instrument, walking etc.

During this process you learn how to observe yourself-your habits of movement and how you think. I use my hands to help you better understand how you move. The kind of touch I use in the lesson is always very gentle and non-invasive. Improving your understanding of the way you think is as important as the observation of how you move. Becoming more aware of these, you can begin to learn "the tools" to help yourself, to use less effort and become less tired. The technique is based on this foundation: limiting unnecessary effort and reducing harmful habits.
Part of the lesson may be in a "position of constructive rest" (lying down on your back with your knees bent and your head supported by some books). It helps you to release your muscles that may be tight and to become more "spacious" in your body. You are always fully dressed, although you may want to think about wearing comfortable clothes that won’t limit your movement.