About me ...

Maria Gorska-Saj
musician – music director – alexander technique teacher

I am a musician, a music director and an Alexander Technique teacher. I graduated from Ignacy Padarewski’ s Music College in Poznan, Poland and the Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff (department of Music Education and Choral Conducting). I studied the Alexander Technique at Bristol Alexander School and was certified as a teacher in 2017. I work with choirs, athletes, musicians, children and older people. I help them in making their movements more flexible, to improve their playing/singing technique and performance skills, and increasing their confidence. I teach you how to be self-aware and learn about how you can function in the most optimal way. You can find more information about me on www.mariagorska-music.webs.com


My grateful thanks for the singing lesson, after which I wondered if I was doing the correct thing at 90 years of age, I quickly came to the conclusion one is never too old to learn. I was completely unaware of the importance that so many parts of your body are (or should be) involved in the art of singing. I must commend you with the Professional manner you displayed during the lesson and also your ability formaking what appeared at times a difficult subject, a very interesting one.

George 90 years old